Grandparents Day | Primary Celebration Evening | Chief Entrepreneur visits Makerspace | Australian Maths Competition

Grandparents Day

Primary School students enjoyed a wonderful morning sharing their learning with grandparents and special guests as we celebrated Grandparents Day. It was particularly inspiring to see our grandparents engaging with the technology that students use to engage with and extend upon their learning. Whilst children were able to share their expertise, it was also an opportunity for grandparents to share the greatest gift -your time- time that offers a wonderful opportunity to pass on core values, beliefs and skills to your grandchildren.

Primary Celebration Evening

Congratulations to all students and staff for an amazing Primary Celebration Evening last week. It certainly was an evening to reflect on the opportunities that our students are given to challenge themselves with new experiences, discover their interests, and set their personal goals. It has been an energetic and productive year, and it has been a fun year of learning too and this was evident in all the performances.

Chief Entrepreneur visits Makerspace – Primary students and Innovate presentation from Year 5.

How exciting to have Steve Baxter, Chief Entrepreneur Officer for Queensland visit us last week. Primary School students had the opportunity to share their arcade games with Steve, and were very impressive in their explanations of the creative process.  

The Year 5 students were also able to present their learning from the Innovate program. Students created advertisements to showcase some of our local businesses, whom they visited and interviewed at the start of the project. The Year 4 to 6 program complements our school vision to be a dynamic school of learners, engaging and challenging students to develop 21st Century skills and capabilities. It has engaged children to be actively involved, questioning and constructing understandings through hands on experiences and research, and we were very proud to be able to showcase the Year 5 work to Steve.

Australian Maths Competition

Congratulations to all students who participated in the the Australian Maths Competition. Students receiving a Credit and Distinction certificates are:

Year 3: Emily Hung, Maya Panchapakesan, Ruben Mayberry Layla Collins and Min Sussens

Year 4: Christian Jackson, Trinity Glover, Cayley Newton  and Stephanie Schapiro

Year 5: Matthew Thomas, Providence Rockloff, Tess Devine, Mack Mcpherson, Lorelei Bertoli and Jorja Mortimer

Year 6: Caleb Hann, Mario Pinto,  Livia McCracken,  Monica Hung and Archie Burey

A Credit Certificate is awarded to a student who is in the top 55% of their year and region.

A Distinction Certificate is awarded to a student who is in the top 20% of their year and region.

A High Distinction Certificate is awarded to a student who is in the top 3% of their year and region. Congratulations to Providence Rockloff.

Best in School recognises the student with the highest AMC score in a school (after statistical calibration), based on the minimum achievement of a Distinction award, and minimum AMC entries of 30 students. Congratulations to Matthew Thomas.

Matthew and Providence receiving their High distinction and Best in School certificates from Mr Barrett.

Mrs Jane Bridges

Head of Primary