Community Helpers Visit | Coral Coast Dental Visit

Recently the children have learnt a lot about our very important community helpers and how they help people every single day in so many different ways. The children understand that the police, fire personnel, doctors and nurses are people we can ask for help when they need it.

This week our young learners were excited to welcome two local Police Officers for an interactive visit. They talked to the children about road safety, the importance of wearing seat belts and their role in the community.

Thank you Jack and Daniel’s dads.

This week we had a very special visit from Coral Coast Dental.  The children had so much fun meeting the Tooth Fairies, Sparkle and Twinkle!  The children enjoyed learning more about their teeth and how to keep them healthy and clean.  In particular, the children developed a greater understanding regarding the importance of keeping their teeth clean and what types of foods are bad for their teeth. We listened to a special story about going to the dentist.

Check out the ELC Photo Booth below:

Mrs Catherine Donaldson,

Director of Early Learning Centre