Term 4 | Brian’s Brain Book

Another lovely start to the beginning of Term 4 and the children were very happy to greet their teachers and friends.

Term 4 is always busy and it is important to please note the following dates and information.

Pre-Preppies transition mornings to Preparatory are on 11 and 12 October and 1 and 3 November. This will give the children an opportunity to visit and explore a Prep classroom.

We are excited to have the Amazing Brian Show attend the ELC this Tuesday 10 October at 11.30 am for our Pre-Preppies. We had this interactive show last year and the children really absorbed lots of information about the show, regarding their health and well being, when eating ‘good foods’ and ‘sometimes foods’. We are sharing a link to this interactive show for you to view as you may also find the information very useful as a parent, particularly the two free resources on the website as listed below.


Brian’s Brain Book – A unique, interactive children’s book featuring ‘Brian the Amazing Brain’ and his song about his need for good Food, Water and Sleep to keep his brain thinking properly. An ideal way to show children simple ways of keeping their brain healthy and how their moods, anxiety, feelings and behaviour are affected by their Food, Water and Sleep. Developed and produced for early childhood educators and parents.

The Brain Buddy Handbook – What to do if you are concerned about someone’s mental health – Distorted thinking and mental health problems can be triggered by things such as a lack of sleep, dehydration, poor nutrition or stress and early implementation of healthy brain habits is a simple way to avoid mental illness. This free app empowers families to better understand how the brain functions and to establish improved Food, Water and Sleep habits. Practical, everyday ways for family, friends or colleagues to offer assistance and support when abnormal thinking and out of character behaviour is first noticed.

We hope you find this information very interesting and feel able to discuss, with your child, what they have learnt during the show.

Teachers and children will be preparing for the ELC’s Grandparents Morning Tea which will be on the morning of Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October, from 9.00 am to 10.30 pm.. Grandparents (or special person) will have the opportunity to spend quality time interacting with planned activities in their grandchild’s classroom.

The teachers and children will soon be practising for their Christmas concerts which will be held for Kindy on Wednesday 22 November and Pre-Preppies Thursday 23 November.

If you would like any further information on any of our events please let me know or chat to the teachers.

Mrs Catherine Donaldson

Director of Early Learning Centre

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